Friday, March 11, 2011

Two halves make a marathon

[June 15, 2008]  I finished another semester of ConLaw at WVU-P, and am now off for the summer. Work continues on a regular basis at Public Debt as well.

Last August, on a whim I entered the Parkersburg Half Marathon (in the walking division). I had not trained for it, but since it had a walking division, I figured I could walk 13.1 miles. I do a lot of bike riding, so I felt I was in shape and that walking wasn't that difficult. So I decided to go ahead and enter, kinda like stopping smoking "cold turkey."

Well, I was able to finish--although my feet were killing me (bicycle pedals are much easier on the feet than hot asphalt). I felt a great sense of accomplishment in completing a half-marathon.

This spring, I signed up for the beginners running clinic sponsored by the local runner's club. In May, I ran a local 5K and won a 3rd place medal in my age group (there is an advantage to turning 50!). On June 7th, I entered a half-marathon in Morgantown (it does not have a walking division).

The good news is that I finished another half-marathon. I am not fast, but I am stubborn and continue to plod along the whole way. This web address ( should show a picture of me at about the 10 mile mark, when I was really beginning to wilt (the temperature was over 90 degrees that day).

Here is a much happier picture as I neared the finish line ( We were so glad to finally reach the end of this long and hot ordeal. [Note also that I seem to run faster and with a smile on my face when a woman is in front of me rather than behind me.]

I still don't enjoy practicing (the most I had ran this year was about 5 miles, so I was still using my "cold turkey" training strategy), but I am glad to be 50 years old and able to run a marathon (two halves make a whole, don't they?).

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