Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jumping in...

I've been using Facebook as my “blog” since early 2007, but finally decided to set up a real blog in order to reach more folks than just my FB friends. I'm not sure that I have any more insight or anything more interesting to say than anyone else, but since it is relatively easy to set up your very own soapbox on the Internet streetcorner, I'm taking the plunge with this blog. I'll probably start by moving some of my prior essays from my FB Notes pages to this blog.

Coming up with a name for my blog was not easy. I've always been interested in just about everything, from politics to physics to arts to history and so forth. I think my inquisitive nature has been instrumental to my education, and have always admired intellectual curiosity as a trait in others. Inquisitiveness to me means a realization that the truth should always be pursued. It is often NOT the simple “black” or “white” that others find, but rather a complex shade of gray. Sometimes I have more questions than answers about a topic.

I knew I wanted to share some of my pursuit of truth, so I thought about using the name “Inquisitor” (if it had not already been chosen). Before I checked if it was available, I decided that it sounded too harsh—too much like the Terminator or some other action hero. I quickly realized that I could tone it down by “mashing” it with the suffix “-neer” rather than “-tor.” This allows me to tie in another important aspect of my life. I'm very proud to be a West Virginia native, and am a big fan of the WVU Mountaineers. Hopefully “Inquisineer” describes me as a West Virginian with an intellectual curiosity (plus, it turns out that no one had ever come up with that name).

And so begins the journey in journaling with my new blog.

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