Friday, September 6, 2013

Mountain Creek Cabins

I’m old and overweight, but I still “get off the couch” from time to time and sign up for some 5K running/walking events. The important thing is not whether you finish in first place, but just that you are out there doing it, no matter how fast.

This past spring, I competed in a 5K at Coopers Rock State Forest near Morgantown, WV. As often happens at these races, they not only give out awards to the top finishers, but they also have drawings for door prizes. On this day, I happened to win the top door prize—a free night at Mountain Creek Cabins not far from Coopers Rock. [See, it does pay off to get off the couch!]

I called recently to set up our visit, and had a good conversation with the owner, but I discovered that the registration process is best done over the Internet. It enabled us to pick the cabin we wanted from among those that were vacant of the eight cabins they offer. We decided on the “Mountaineer” cabin, because we are big WVU fans. The electronic reservation process worked well and the secret code for the electronic door lock on our cabin was sent to us.

This particular log cabin is special, because it is decorated with all sorts of Mountaineer paraphernalia. We certainly felt at home there! The small cabin had a loft bedroom with a spiral staircase. The downstairs had a wood paneled great room with a kitchen, a bathroom with a shower, and another bedroom. It worked perfect for our one night mountain getaway.

It is indeed a getaway! You take the Coopers Rock exit, but head east on old Route 73 over the crest of the big hill, and then cross back over I-68 on a smaller local road called Pisgah Road. The cabins are about four miles from the old highway. Fortunately, there are Mountain Creek Cabins signs directing you through progressively smaller roads all the way to your destination. The cabins are tucked into a wooded area, surrounded by ferns and rocks. It is a lovely location.

There is no Internet and very limited cell service (I found it better to walk up the driveway because there was no signal inside our cabin). However, there is a hot tub on the back porch, and a DVD player which we utilized that night. In this beautiful isolation, I was able to get a lot of writing completed, including this review. Best of all is the bubbling brook running down the mountain, just behind the cabins. I love the melodious sounds the creek makes as it heads for Big Sandy Creek and then the Cheat River Gorge.

I highly recommend Mountain Creek Cabins ( if you are looking for a getaway in the greater Morgantown area!

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